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The Top 3 Starter Supplements For Optimum Gut Health and Energy

One of the main issues affecting teens, young adults and adults alike is lack of energy and feeling lethargic. Many people decide to take multivitamins to try and combat this and increase their health but without proper research, there is an increased risk of you just wasting time and money on vitamins you don’t even need.

At Fortify Gut, we have researched the best supplements to help you in becoming more active and feeling more alive. Most people don’t realise that your body has a direct connection to your gut and everything you feed your body. Your gut absorbs all the nutrients and gets rid of the waste hence your gut needs to be working optimally to keep your body at peak performance and reduce any risks of disease and or illness.

First we would recommend going on the detox plan, containing some of the most researched and well-known supplements to help clean your insides, people have been taking these for centuries. Now available in all-in-one capsules, your body will thank you.

After undertaking the detox plan, taking probiotics can help fix and support your gut health and lower risk of any nasties making it into your body. This is recommended for both men and women and is a great starting point in ensuring your gut is absorbing all the necessary vitamins and minerals from your food sources. Linked below is one of our most sold probiotics supplements and for good reason. Containing 20 billion CFU per capsule, this will help recover your gut health from all the abuse your gut has taken over the years and will help recover your body back to optimum health. This is one of the best gut supplements on the market and has been tried and tested by many to keep a healthy gut and can also help fix a leaky gut.

The last starter supplement we recommend is a good Vitamin D supplement. In the UK especially, there is a severe lack of Vitamin D sources so we have to resort to using supplements. There are many benefits to taking Vitamin D, one being increased serotonin which is the ‘happy hormone’. Having a lack of Vitamin D is one of the main contributors to ‘feeling down’ and can also make you feel ill even if you may not be. Vitamin D is best taken with Vitamin K2 to help increase the absorption rate of Vitamin D. We have both vitamins in 1 easy capsule taken daily

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